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Metric Timing Chains

For imperial timing chain please go to our imperial timing chain page.

10 mm Pitch timing chain can be split into two categories based on the contact angle of the working faces of the chains teeth.

It has become increasingly difficult for R M Fowler Limited to supply 10 mm Pitch metric chain as this type of chain is no longer used in any modern applications. The only supplier of 10 mm pitch that we are aware of is the German chain manufacturer Wippermann.

Wippermann produce 4 different widths of 10mm pitch chain with the 60 degree contact angle, they do not produce chain with the 75 degree contact angle. RM Fowler can supply 4 sizes of the 60 degree type as shown below.

Wippermann Chain

Chain Reference Pitch Lacing Working Width Overall Width
1110 10mm 1 x 2 9.6 mm 17.6 mm
1112 10mm 2 x 3 16 mm 24.1 mm
1114 10mm 4 x 5 28.9 mm 37.1 mm
1115 10mm 5 x 6 35.2 mm 43.4 mm

An example of our 10 mm pitch 20 1112 timing chain

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